#365DaysOfLearning – Week 47

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On Tuesday, May 12th, I started a new journey…365 days of Learning! I am going to put out a weekly summary of the things that I learned that week. All of these posts have occurred on my LinkedIn. Would love to connect with you there as well!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 321, March 28, 2021

Will robots take over the world?

Today’s learning goes in a fascinating different direction! Jeremy and I watched this 60 Minutes special with Anderson Cooper, as he toured Boston Dynamics and gave us all a glimpse inside the workshop where robots of the future are being built.

These robots can balance and walk and spin and are omni-directional. They can traverse over rocks and jump. They even dance to the Mashed Potato!

So back to the fear factor of robots. Should we be concerned? Check out the discussion about the rogue robot story with CEO Robert Playter. I think it will ease your mind!

Did you know there are more than 400 “Spot” (modeled after a dog) robots working around the world currently? They sell for about $75,000 and are working at utility companies checking on equipment, monitoring construction sites and several police departments are trying them out to assist with investigations.

What is your opinion on these robots of the future?

Do yourself a favor and watch this 13-minute clip. I believe, you too will be amazed!


#365DaysOfLearning – Day 322, March 29, 2021

April is Stress Awareness Month, and since we all have been living with an elevated level of stress over the last year, I thought it would be fun to dedicate several posts this month to tips and ideas for ways to REDUCE stress and burnout.

🌱 First tip – Take MICROBREAKS (5 minutes or less) throughout the day to elevate your energy and/or focus. 🌱

✔ Try a few stretches
✔ Walk up and down the stairs
✔ Open a window and take in some fresh air
✔ Have a snack
✔ Do a quick meditation

I enjoyed this Forbes article by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. In it, he shared, “Chronic work pressure creates roadblocks to relaxation and productivity. It disconnects you from yourself and your surroundings and keeps your stress needle elevated. Watch your mind and notice where it goes from moment to moment for the next 24 hours. Note the difference between when you take a Microbreak and when you require yourself to plow through the work pile.”

What is your favorite type of Microbreak to feel energized?


#365DaysOfLearning – Day 323, March 30, 2021

Are you intentional with your learning?

Today I mapped out the headers of my remaining ✨ 42 ✨ #365DaysOfLearning posts!! Eeek!! Homestretch!

I picked out a couple of topics that I want to focus my learning on for this period. I am going to intentionally seek out people and places to learn from. What are the topics? Stay tuned!

We are 1/4 of the way through the year.

What are you going to learn in 2021?

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 324, March 31, 2021

Today I am learning about LinkedIn’s new Creator Mode!

All-day I had been checking to see if the feature had been turned on for my profile, and by 10:00 PM, it was!! What is Creator Mode?

Check out this awesome article that shares how you can bring your professional story to life. https://lnkd.in/dDcXg8f

It highlights the new features:
💎 Video Cover Story – personalize your hello message with a video
💎 Added area for hashtags to indicate what you post about the most
💎 Moves your Featured and Activity sections towards the top of your profile to prominently display your content
💎 Changes your Connect button to Follow (which I already had activated)
💎 If you broadcast on LinkedIn Live, it will now show your broadcast on your profile background when you start streaming.

Here are LinkedIn Creator’s FAQ’s (including a link to switch on Creator Mode), if you are interested:

What do you think of this new (optional) Creator mode?

Creator Mode


#365DaysOfLearning – Day 325, April 1, 2021

What has been the #1 theme in my conversations lately? BURNOUT.

We are a solid year into minimal vacations, gatherings with friends and family and it is taking a toll. Where are we also burned out? Work.

Continuing my mini-series for #StressAwarenessMonth (April), I found an article from the Mayo Clinic on job burnout (comments). I thought they had some great tips for spotting the symptoms and possible causes of job burnout, and most importantly, what to do to overcome it.

So, what can you do?

🌴 Evaluate your options. Discuss specific concerns with your supervisor. Are different expectations or compromises possible? Discuss what must get done and what can wait.

🌴 Seek support. Reach out to co-workers, friends, and/or loved ones. Leverage your employee assistance program.

🌴 Try a relaxing activity like yoga or meditation.

🌴 Get some exercise. Regular physical activity can help you to better deal with stress and can take your mind off work.

🌴 Get some sleep. Sleep restores well-being and helps protect your health.

🌴 Mindfulness. Focus on your breath flow and being intensely aware of what you are sensing and feeling at every moment. Take deep breaths before, during and after stressful meetings or events.

Here is the article from the Mayo Clinic:


#365DaysOfLearning – Day 326, April 2, 2021

I’m not going to lie. I am a sucker for a good “how to do LinkedIn better” article.

I am 326 days into this challenge – should have it figured out now, right? 😂 I still feel like such a rookie!

I enjoyed today’s learning from Tim Denning who has amassed over 100 million views on #LinkedIn.

I have to say, this line hit home for me currently…

Tim shared, “Once you nail this LinkedIn process you will get far on the platform. I have bad news though. You will hit a brick wall. The way to get around the inevitable brick wall on LinkedIn is to unlock your next level of vulnerability.”

🎈Time to share more stories.
🎈Time to attract more haters.
🎈Time to write like a 5th grader.

🌱 What is one thing you learned to better utilize LinkedIn?


#365DaysOfLearning – Day 327, April 3, 2021

Do you have any Stretchy Goals for 2021?

You know, the ones that feel just beyond possible?

Last year, for me it was the #365DaysOfLearning challenge…was I really capable of keeping this going for a whole year?

But day by day, I was intentional, even if my learning and posting was a 10 pm exercise. 😅

Stretchy started to seem less stretchy and more doable day by day.

So if you are doubting yourself – don’t. If it is really important to you, do it. Make a little bit of progress every day.

Day 327. It feels good! And day 365 is certainly in reach. 🎉

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