Achieve Your
Big Life Goals

I help busy professionals discover, plan and start taking action to accomplish their dreams.

You have always been a high achiever.

But lately, you have been prioritizing everyone and everything else, with no time left to pursue your own big life goals. And actually, you are not even sure what your big life goals are anymore. While the idea of achieving your goals is exciting, the thought of adding more to your plate is daunting and overwhelming.

Does this sound familiar?


You’re overwhelmed juggling work and family


Struggling to to maintain your professional network and social life


Frustrated that you’re off track from your goals


Unable to be present at work or home


Your growth plan has slowed to a crawl


Experiencing a self-identity crisis – who are you anymore?

I can relate

This resonates so much with me, because it was me. I spent my life being an overachiever. Climbing the corporate ladder, intentionally growing as a leader, and checking off many life goals…but everything changed when I became a wife and mother. The ability to focus on my own goals and aspirations took a back seat.

So, I decided to do something about it. Leveraging my many years of project management, personal and professional development and coaching experience, I created a system that has helped me tap back into my life’s biggest life dreams!

Don’t wonder if the best of life is behind you. I’m here to tell you there is so much more and I want to help you find it!

Through my system, you’ll define your:


Become crystal clear on your life goals and priorities



Determine the ideal time of life for each goal



Make an organized plan to achieve big growth


Identify the people who will help you stay focused


Determine the reasons you are doing this – for you and the world 

Get Started Now!

Big Growth is comprised of Four Main Components


When you clearly define the vision for your future, you confidently decide your life


When you are clear on your why, your path becomes well defined


Get started and see your vision come to life


Learn the self leadership skills to keep growing, especially when it gets tough

My 8 step process will walk you through these components step by step.

Meet Kari Saylor

Kari Saylor is a well-respected certified coach, speaker and trainer who has coached hundreds of professionals to expand their mindsets, define their future and start pursuing big life dreams. Her insights have been heard on stages by thousands around the country such at national summits, leadership development programs, and women’s business conferences.

Kari is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, and a Fascinate Certified Advisor. She is also a graduate of HeartCore Leadership’s Transformational Leadership program. With over 18 years of experience working in Corporate America with leaders of all stages and ages, she has become widely regarded by professionals looking to break free from their current situation and experience big growth in their lives!

With Kari Saylor as your personal development coach,
you can expect to go from Confused to Clarity to Crushing it!