#365DaysOfLearning – Week 3

by | Jun 2, 2020 | #365DaysofLearning, Blog

On Tuesday, May 12th, I started a new journey…365 days of Learning! I am going to put out a weekly summary of the things that I learned that week. All of these posts have occurred on my LinkedIn. Would love to connect with you there as well!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 15, May 26, 2020

Today I really enjoyed hearing from Bedros Keuilian and Pete Vargas on Rise Up World. Bedros was talking about being in a “winter season” and the importance of what you do in a winter season. Pete said, “I don’t think falling down is failure. Not getting back up is failure. What if falling down is one step closer to winning, and that is how we look at failure?” Definitely a word for us in this winter season!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 16, May 27, 2020

Legacy. What a big topic! Today I read an article by Jim Rohn about legacy that stood out to me. Why is leaving a legacy important? Here is one reason: “Legacy building is part of the “big picture.” It keeps us focused on the long term and gives us values that we can judge our actions by. When we are acting based on selfishness, personal expediency and the like, we are focusing on the “small picture”—whatever is pragmatic right now. When we are building a life that will give for many years, we are thinking “big picture.” Ask yourself: How does this action affect my overall goals? How will this affect people in the years to come? Yes, your legacy is very important. Reflect on how you are going to use the lessons, information and skills from those before you to build a life that leaves a tremendous legacy!”

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 17, May 28, 2020

Today on the Leadership Development Call Series, we welcomed Amy P. Devlin, CPA and 10 brave Professional Resources from around the country to share their experiences and insights from flexing their Leadership Advisory skills over the last couple of months! A theme emerged…to have a thoughtful, reflective, insightful time with someone, VULNERABILITY was required.

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 18, May 29, 2020

This had me thinking today. What if your biggest problem currently could be solved by an option C…something you haven’t even thought of yet because you were thinking about the problem in the wrong way!!

Is anyone else excited for the spacecraft launch tomorrow?! I am!!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 19, May 30, 2020

Being a person that needs to research and know all. the. things. before moving forward can sometimes leave me stuck, not taking action because I am overthinking it. I love this quote by Marie Forleo that I heard today. Sometimes you just need movement, engagement, action to get the ball rolling, and it is ok to learn as you go.


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