#365DaysOfLearning – Week 2

by | May 26, 2020 | #365DaysofLearning, Blog

On Tuesday, May 12th, I started a new journey…365 days of Learning! I am going to put out a weekly summary of the things that I learned that week. All of these posts have occurred on my LinkedIn. Would love to connect with you there as well!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 8- May 19, 2020

Are you a good listener? I ran across this quote today in John C. Maxwell’s book “Becoming a Person of Influence” and it made me smile. “People of influence understand the incredible value of becoming a good listener. For example, when Lyndon B. Johnson was a junior senator from Texas, he kept a sign on his office that read, ‘You ain’t learnin’ nothin’ when you’re doin’ all the talk in’.’” An important concept to keep in mind as we are learning and growing each day!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 9- May 20, 2020

I have been watching an absurd amount of Sesame Street with my toddler son over the last two months during quarantine and the seasons we have been watching start out with Murray sharing the day’s “Word on the Street.” Today’s word on the street, heard multiple times in trainings and meetings was RESILIENCE. Resilience really shines during crisis, doesn’t it? How can we become more resilient? Having a positive attitude, focusing on our relationships, reconnecting with our purpose and making progress and growing!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 10- May 21, 2020

Today I received an email from a mentor of mine, Paul Martinelli. He asked how many of us have a 3 year plan…or even a 3 month plan! Our plans and priorities might look different now than they did at the beginning of the year, but now is a great time to take a fresh look at your goals and aspirations, and take action!

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 11, May 22, 2020

Today I attended a Deloitte Dbriefs webcast on Global Human Capital Trends for 2020. With my anthem of Advocate for Potential, this quote really stood out to me!
“What is becoming more important and more relevant is not what skills and experiences people have had, but what teams and people and workers CAN ACTUALLY DO. What they are capable of. In a moment where flexibility and adaptability are so important, this notion of potential and growth, what we are CAPABLE OF doing becomes more important than what we demonstrated that we can do before.” I hope this encourages you as we are all facing new challenges in the pandemic, and beyond.

#365daysoflearning – Day 12, May 23, 2020

Very grateful today for a sunny day at the beach with my family. Today I learned I need to do a better job of applying sunscreen to my back. Haha. What are you grateful for today?

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 13, May 24, 2020

Leaders: “People are going to remember how you act and what you do now for years to come, far more than they will for what you said or did during normal times.” – Patrick Lencioni on the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – episode “The Motivation of a Leader Part 1.”

#365DaysOfLearning – Day 14, May 25, 2020

Today I was reminded of a great thought by Jim Rohn. It is important that we protect our mind, and decide what we are going to let in, and what we are not.

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