#365DaysOfLearning – Week 4

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on #BlackLivesMatter, going from success to significance, automating decisions to help us reduce our stress, financial literacy stats and what domain of competence is most important for success and great leadership!

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 3

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I explored the idea of "winter seasons" and failures, leaving a legacy, vulnerability, changing the problem to solve it, and putting a stop to overthinking and take action!

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 2

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I explored the power of being a good listener, resilience being the word of the day, focusing on capability, gratitude, our actions and protecting our minds!

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 1

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I took a look at the term Upskilling, a data visualization on App popularity during the pandemic, mental health in uncertain times, daily wins, self-confidence, business opportunities arising out of the pandemic, and living a life of service.


It has been on my mind and heart for a while to start a blog and podcast.  And then COVID-19 showed up, and forever changed our world and how we operate. And sometimes you need a catalyst, or reason to push you outside your comfort zone to get going.