Kari Saylor

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 44

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on leaders are readers, International Women's Day, staying connected in a virtual world, LinkedIn + Shield, are leaders born or made, creating new realities in the midst of challenges, and going out on a limb!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 44

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 43

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on I GET to (not have to), stress work, serving your community, facing your fears but going for it anyway, making learning a lifetime habit, growing your LinkedIn presence, and getting your brain to focus.

#365DaysOfLearning Week 43

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 42

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on imposter's syndrome and posting on LinkedIn, smartphone addictions, recognizing your fears but going for it anyways, heart emojis, insights from my poll, what is meant for you, and The Easy Button!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 42

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 41

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on Valentine's Day, communication and closing the file, motivation, courage and confidence, how young professionals are using LinkedIn, entrepreneurial spirit and leaders see more and before others.

#365DaysOfLearning Week 41

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 40

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on Blippi, improving customer experience, doing what is right, LinkedIn industry focus, when we are obedient to God, the most tortured fanbases, andour stories and our baggage. That's quite a week!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 40

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 39

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on the balance between courage and fear, Boolean searches, hope is not a strategy, getting back on track with goals, it is ok not to know, The One Thing book, and believing in your heart.

#365DaysOfLearning Week 39

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 38

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on improving your LinkedIn skills, going for it, 20 years of Nintendo, finding quiet moments, extraordinary is relevant, curiosity, and spending time learning!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 38

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 37

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on how to be resilient and joyful in 2021, being of service, how Clubhouse is creating unprecedented opportunities and access, my birthday!, inauguration day, succeeding at things that don't matter and our big ideas!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 37

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 36

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on top predictions for 2021, thinking bigger, psychological safety, scrappy is the new perfect, priorities, exchange zones, and rappelling down waterfalls!

#365DaysOfLearning Week 36

#365DaysOfLearning – Week 35

This week on #365DaysOfLearning, I focused on Evernote and who is in your circle, vision without action, how your reaction determines your reach, our US Capitol, virtual reality, Clubhouse, and connection through weaknesses.

#365DaysOfLearning Week 35